Download the Application form before you start to fill the online form so you can ready yourself for the form because there is no option for saving the form once you start.

WAC Clergy Application Form
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Have you visited our website and read our Canon laws, and are you prepared to adhere to them? *
Where you: *
Understanding that you cannot belong to two organizations, are you in a position to make a move to the WAC if accepted? *
Have you ever belonged to the Anglican Communion or any other Anglican organization – e.g. the IAOEC, ACNA, GAFCON, CAC, or the Anglican Free Communion? *

How many churches and clergy are under your authority?

What is your marital status *
Does your spouse support this move to the WAC? *
Have you ever been in a same-sex relationship? *

Please list five of your God-given talents that will enhance the WAC, including musical, administrative, leadership or any other gift.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime or misdemeanor? *
Have you ever been declared bankrupt, and do you have any outstanding debts personally or professionally? *
Are you prepared to undertake a background check? *